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Tree Maintenance on Commercial Property

Posted by on Feb 3, 2019

I recently bought my first commercial building! I’ve been in the real estate business for some time. I’ve bought, sold, and rented apartments and condos all over the country. I love my work. Looking at different markets and finding homes for clients is what I do best. The move to a commercial site was a huge leap for me. I’m finally making the jump from residential to commercial properties. With this leap comes a whole new set of things to consider. Now, instead of thinking about the needs of just one person, I’m thinking about the needs of a whole company, and several companies at a time. This means I’m hiring lots of different services to care for the building. I have a front-desk concierge service to help patrons and provide a front line of security. I have a cleaning service that goes through the building at night and cleans up. I have a repair service that all the companies in my building can call to get a handyman out in case anything breaks during the day. I also have a couple IT guys that are on call in case a company needs technical help with any of the office equipment.

Recently one of the executives at my building pointed out to me that the trees outside were flaking and beginning to wither. He said I needed to do something about that. It’s an aspect of commercial property ownership I had not considered before. Of course, the companies in my building want the landscaping to be pristine. They have potential clients and new hires coming in and they want the building to make a great first impression.

I was researching on what the problem could be and I found out about borers on the Hamlin Tree Care, Inc website. Hamlin Tree Care is a landscaping service that handles residential and commercial properties alike. They have the knowledge to spot and treat lots of different tree pests without causing any extra damage to trees.

Borers are insects that burrow into trees for food and shelter. That explains the small holes I’ve seen on my tree trunks, as well as the flaking bark across the trees. I don’t have the expertise to get rid of these pests on my own. I could throw chemicals at the problem, but I don’t want to damage the tree or any of the surrounding greenery. I’ll probably end up getting a tree care provider to handle the situation. I want to get rid of the borers. But even more than that, I want to hire someone that can give me advice on how to protect my trees and care for them so that they do not become infested again.

This is an aspect to commercial building ownership that I had never even considered in the past. When I rented and owned condos, the building owners took care of all of that. It was much the same situation with an apartment. I never dealt with individual home real estate because I live in a big compact city and there’s not a ton of neighborhoods until you get into the suburbs. But now that I’m entering the world of commercial property, I’m learning all about how to keep my premises attractive and maintained.

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